Membership Benefits
  • Trade calls with Entry, Stop and Take profit levels sent each morning via email, SMS & twitter
  • All trades backed up with additional reasoning as to why trade has been entered so you can also learn Rob's unique trading method
  • Low risk of 14-17 pips on all trades for reward of anything up to 120 pips
  • Trade calls on 3 currency pairs, mainly EUR/USD but also some on GBP/USD, EUR/JPY
  • Full mentoring given if required for further understanding of trade entries
  • Averaging between 15-20% return per month with low risk

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Signals and Prices

The Company provides foreign currencies trading signals and mentoring, which are provided in two ways: (a) E-mail, (b) Live trading room. You can receive the Signals either by registering to the entire services (the “Total Services”). The cost of the Signals service is a monthly fixed fee to be paid by credit/debit card via paypal in the amount of £50 GBP for the Total Services or the cost of the Signals service is a quarterly fixed fee to be paid by credit/debit card in the amount of £125 GBP for the Total Services or The cost of the Signals service is a 6 monthly fixed fee to be paid by credit/debit card in the amount of £235 GBP for the Total Services, whichever option you have chosen.  All first payments shall be collected immediately and then on the anniversary of the month, quarter or 6 month option dependant on the service length you have chosen.  The Company shall be entitled to change the price of payment for receipt of Signals and/or Services which shall enter into force in the beginning of the following month to such publication. The Service shall be granted by the Company as of the date of registration and until its termination by the Company or the Client by providing a 5 days prior written notice. In the event that for any reason a payment and/or payment method shall not be complied with, then in such event the Company shall be entitled to terminate the grant of the Service without derogating from any of its rights. A receipt shall be sent to the Client to the Email specified upon registration by the Client. In order to remove any doubt, it is hereby clarified that by registration of a Client to the Services, the Client agrees that: (a) the Services shall be provided on a monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly basis without limitation and without providing notice to such effect and without regard to the use or unuse of the Service and further that (b) unless terminated as provided hereunder, the Company shall automatically charge for the applicable Services, without providing notice to such effect. It shall be the user’s sole responsibility to provide notice of termination of automatic continuance of the Services, whereby termination of the Services shall apply at the end of the month/quarter/6 month in which the user subscribed and notice of cancelation was submitted.

Policy for Refund of Money
Policy for refunding money paid for the services which the company provides or sells directly; especially the signal services. mentoring or the trading room, for which the company is fully responsible. A registered customer who has paid for the company services, and cancels BEFORE receiving any services or products, will receive any monies paid in full. There will be no partial refunds available for those who cancel the service during a set subscription period.  i.e. if you have paid for 1 month and you cancel 1 week later then a partial refund will not be provided for the remaining 3 weeks, however you will still continue to receive the service during the subscription period already paid for.

Method of Payment
The Company collects subscription payments by credit/debit card through Paypal.

Broker Referrals
If you open an account with Capital Spreads as a result of clicking a relevant link or banner on this website, your account will have been introduced by TMS Capital Limited.  TMS Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Ref: 195581) to make arrangements with a view to transactions in spread bets and Contracts for Difference.

Online purchasing via the website
The company enables its customers to purchase its goods and services online by means of an automatic membership and payment processing system. The system is highly secured through Paypals payment network; the customer payment details and methods of purchase are not kept or held by myeasyforexsignals in any way.

Risk Warning
The Client hereby warrants and represents that he is aware that Forex trading is dangerous and fluctuates and that any person and/or entity which is active in this field, is required and advised to act cautiously with all and any protections available before taking any action in respect to the Forex/Indices/stock markets and to carefully evaluate its financial situation and his compatibility to such type of trading.  The user hereby undertakes that any action to be performed by him or by the Company in respect to the Forex/Indices/Stock market through the Service based on information published in this site, including but not limited to technical analysis and trading forecasts, shall be on the User’s own account and after due discretion and on its sole account and liability. There is great importance to the financial and mental strength of a trader. Trading in financial tools whilst using high investment leverage is speculative trading with special high risk level. The risk of loss money due to investment trading or speculative currency or any other financial asset is significant. Whereas Forex/Indices/Stock trading could amount to a significant financial loss to the trader, it is hereby advised to execute such investments using capital which is not required for current living or with critical importance to the trader and the Company shall not be liable for any loss of investment of the user caused by the type of trading and great risk involved in such trading. The user hereby warrants that it is clear to him and that he agrees that in any event a competent court will impose liability on the company, then the compensation to be paid by the Company to the user for loss of investment, or other losses, shall not exceed the total amounts paid by the user to the Company as service fees.

Information provided in this site, signals service and trading room, is for informational purposes only. Neither nor any of its content providers shall be liable for any errors or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Fincancial trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Financial markets. Do not trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This site is not a registered broker/dealer. The brokerage/spread betting company you select is solely responsible for its services to you, the user. The site shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of the Automatic Services and/or the Services and/or the services of the brokerage company. Past results are never an indication of future results. You must consider the fact that in Forex/Commodity/Indices and Stock market anything is possible and may bring some loss to your trading capital. The site does not guarantee you profits every month. All published results are hypothetical gross results without adjustment for trading cost (commissions,spreads, fees & slippage). You are bound to the Terms of use upon subscribing and using this service. You should read it carefully before subscribing.

If you do open an account for live trading, be aware that when trading spread bets or CFD’s, your losses can exceed your deposits.

Information disclosed on the site
The information disclosed and appearing on the site, including but not limited to estimates, Forex forecasts and technical analysis, are not necessarily updated and/or accurate, and the company shall not be liable for their exact validity. The company shall not be liable to the customer, user, or any third party who acts according to any information appearing on the site, for any reason including inaccuracy , or delay in updating of information details, such as quotations, news, and graphs based upon quotations, or any other data. The user declares that signals which he receives in the framework of the service do not guarantee any earnings and they reflect subjective opinions of the service providers only, on the basis of technical analysis methods. The customer also declares that he is fully aware that the company is not obliged to send a minimum number of signals, and that the sole judgment as to whether to send signals and the shares or stocks which will be analyzed, according to which the service is provided, is the Company’s alone, as are all the factors and decisions taken for operating the service in practice, and the customer will have no claims and/or demand of any kind in connection with this matter. The customer undertakes that he will not claim or demand in any way, from the company, anything connected to the signals, and that he will not have any claim or demand against the company in connection to the Service and/or the trading room, including claims in respect to damages and /or losses, direct and/or indirect, and/or indemnity claims and the user hereby waives all claims in these matters.

Special Clarifications
The trading room and/or any other service and/or information (such as technical analysis  and/or Forex forecast, which is offered or provided by the company, is an integral part of the company activity, and as such is bound to all the instructions and warnings which are cited herein. All operations and/or acts on account of the trading room and/or Signals for the purpose of investment are made on the sole responsibility of the user.
It is herein clarified that the company, which operate at the site, are not licensed consultants and/or portfolio managers, according to the UK Law, and the service is not defined as “investment advice” within the meaning of the law ” and they do not aspire to advise any person in connection with the value or worth or profitability of any purchase, selling, holding, investing in mutual funds, foreign currency, financial instruments, and the service and /or information that appears on the site does not constitute advise of any kind, or recommendation of any kind, related to the profitability, and/or holding and/or purchasing, and /or sale of mutual funds, financial instruments and/or carrying out such or any other operations. Accordingly, the information which is disclosed in the Service, including the site, the trading room, signaling service, announcements and data and any other material published on the site, from any recommendation or opinion and  any decision made, based on any information appearing on the site, is made on such entities sole responsibility.

The user declares that he is aware that nothing on the site, is a substitute for examining, testing, and consulting in relation to the needs and special requirements of the user or any other person, and that the investment in financial assets may cause losses and even heavy losses.

The company and its owner who operate the site, may have personal interests in any matter arising and/or contained in the Site, and may hold trades, currencies and financial instruments of any kind mentioned on the site.

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