Membership Benefits
  • Trade calls with Entry, Stop and Take profit levels sent each morning via email, SMS & twitter
  • All trades backed up with additional reasoning as to why trade has been entered so you can also learn Rob's unique trading method
  • Low risk of 14-17 pips on all trades for reward of anything up to 120 pips
  • Trade calls on 3 currency pairs, mainly EUR/USD but also some on GBP/USD, EUR/JPY
  • Full mentoring given if required for further understanding of trade entries
  • Averaging between 15-20% return per month with low risk

Which trading platform should I use ?

You can use a broker software online trading platform to place your trades,  or one of the Spread Betting platforms.    One we can personally recommend is Capital Spreads, as you can enjoy LOW spreads on the pairs we trade and also enjoy TAX FREE returns if you are in the UK.

Can I lose money currency trading ?

You certainly can – let nobody tell you otherwise !   However, I will do my best not to let this happen.   In respect of my main morning day trading signal strategy so far this year I presently have an average strike rate of 80%+ winning trades. Initial trades should be made with low stakes, which means low profits of course, but at least you will be able to keep smiling if you take a small loss on a trade.

I currently hold down a day job can I still trade your signals ?

Yes, I send out 3 types of signals each day including a ‘set & forget’ type trade which requires no manual trade intervention.  So you simply take a minute to set it up and then leave it to close out automatically with a profit or a loss.

If your strategy leaves you with such high profits, and very minimum loss, why do you bother to offer a signals service to members ?

Simple.  Many of my members were in a similar position to me a few years ago,  trying out just about every style of trading using just about every type of indicator – and still making a loss – and wondering if someone up there was trying to tell them something !   I make a good living out of trading and I enjoy mentoring those who are currently in a similar situation to mine several years ago. Let’s be honest, I also do make some money offering my service, but surely I deserve this as I offer fantastic value considering the amount of work I put into the service for my members.   My monthly prices are extremely low compared to other more commercialized (and not so great) signal providers.

Why are you charging a monthly subscription of only £50 ?

I have seen some of the profit/loss performance sheets offered by some signal companies for monthly fees between $100 to $200 – absolutely disgraceful. I just believe in offering a great signals and mentoring service which offers great value for money so that my members stay subscribed. I do genuinely want all of my members to succeed in trading.

How does the Free Trial Work?

Really simple, just sign up for my signals, select the 8 day free trial option.   You can then test drive my service for 8 days and you are free to cancel your membership before the 8 days is up. It is really easy to cancel your membership if you really wish to do so right in the members area.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No.  I offer such a low subscription price .   I only want to take on board people who are serious about making money in the financial markets with my simple signals and straightforward mentoring approach, and of course I still want to keep numbers to a manageable level.  All I can say is try me out, you won’t be disappointed. You are still free to cancel at any time from either your FREE trial or paid subscription and if you do decide to cancel you will continue to receive full access to my service right up to the end of your subscription period.

Which payment system do you use to accept subscriptions ?

I use PayPal only which automatically accepts a monthly, quarterly or half yearly subscriptions, and places customers immediately on to my database ready to send out the next trades by email.   This allows me to concentrate fully on searching for profitable trades and answering your queries.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription with you at any time ?

Yes.   At any time during the current month you simply log into your client panel (full details provided on sign up) and you choose the subscriptions option, and choose ‘cancel subscription’.  It’s that easy.  Once done, PayPal will not take up a further subscription for the subsequent month.      Alternatively you can cancel your subscription at any time through your own PayPal account.

You will still continue to receive my signal e-mails up to the date you have already paid up to.

What type of signals will I receive ?

You will receive my Market analysis usually on the EUR/USD and/or sometimes GBP/USD between 7:00 – 8:30am GMT along with follow up e-mails giving you entry, target and stop levels.

What action will I be required to take to place a trade ?

You will receive a full instruction guide and sample e-mail as soon as you sign up which will tell you exactly what you need to do.  You should get the hang of my style within a day or two.   Placing trades is very easy to learn and instructions for that are also provided, even if you have never placed a trade before.

Whom can I turn to for any support or advice ?

Me.  Email me at the email address you will be given on subscribing to the service.  Even with the easy to understand welcome manual you may get stuck over a point setting up a trading platform.    If  I am at my computer you will receive a reply immediately, otherwise within 24 hours.

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