Membership Benefits
  • Trade calls with Entry, Stop and Take profit levels sent each morning via email, SMS & twitter
  • All trades backed up with additional reasoning as to why trade has been entered so you can also learn Rob's unique trading method
  • Low risk of 14-17 pips on all trades for reward of anything up to 120 pips
  • Trade calls on 3 currency pairs, mainly EUR/USD but also some on GBP/USD, EUR/JPY
  • Full mentoring given if required for further understanding of trade entries
  • Averaging between 15-20% return per month with low risk

About Us

Established back in 2007, My Easy Forex have been providing reliable trading signals and Forex mentoring for a number of years now to thousands of subscribers.

We have had 2 great traders through our hands during that time, the first who retired after 4 years of service to help out his wife part time with her new venture, and another we lost around 7 months ago as he wasn’t able to cope with the sheer number of members that had joined the club, answering queries and trading as well. So he went back to the background he came from and that was trading on his own, and not being tied down to set trading sessions every single day.

We have since been looking for another great trader to replace the other two, however it’s not been as easy as we thought, as those that have approached us have not been up to the standards of service, profitability and quality we have always had here at the club.

Until recently, we found a service that was very professional in it’s approach, it’s been extremely profitable for it’s members,  most of which will now be in the 3rd subscription year after transferring over to their new even better service.

They have invested so much in their site infrastructure, members area, live trade alert system and so on, that the traders involved wanted to keep their brand identity and couldn’t trade directly through this site, so we decided to partner up with them and recommend them as our choice of Forex Signal Service Provider instead, given that they currently meet our high standards of service & most of all profitability.  They also offer the RISK FREE trial we have always been insistent on offering.

We will be in a position to recommend them once we have gone through more thorough checks of the results and signup process, so in the meantime please sign up to the priority notification list to the right to be notified when spaces do become available.